• What changes is Google making to its algorithm ?

    We believe Google will launch new mobile crawler (likely with an Android user) that can improve job of crawling single-page web applications, Android applications, and perhaps Deep Links in iOS applications. The new Mobile-Friendly rules that launched a month ago concentrate on uncovering JS and CSS in light of the fact that Android applications are inherent Java, and single-page web applications depend intensely on JavaScript for their liquid, application like experience.

  • If my site is not mobile-friendly, will this impact my desktop rankings as well ?

    Google replied "no" without a second thought. We took this as another sign that the new file is identified with another crawler and/or a noteworthy change to the base they are utilizing to parse, file, and assess portable query items however not desktop results.

  • What about sites that redirect to a mobile subdomain? Will they be considered mobile-friendly ?

    Instantly after the take-off of the Mobile-Friendly labelling, we really saw essentially more mDot ('m.') sites positioning admirably in the versatile SERPS. It's practically like they considered the versatile subdomain a Mobile-Friendly flag, however began the calculation crisp, with no verifiable information to demonstrate which different destinations had more subtle signs of portability, similar to a responsive outline, or a versatile or powerfully served versatile site. It is likewise intriguing to note that a large portion of the Google agents appear to have as of late upheld off of their solid emphasis on responsive configuration. Despite everything they say that it is the minimum mistake inclined, and most effortless to creep and file, yet they additionally now appear to be all the more ready to recognize the other suitable versatile site architectures